Our Story started long ago in a galaxy far, far….oops, sorry that’s a different story.

Pete and I have been on this road of building our family for quite some time now. It’s been a difficult path, but we’ve found out a lot about us along the way. After a few years of being married and careers established, we decided we wanted to grow our family. I didn’t say start our family, because as many of you know, Pete and I are very much a family, even without children.

We did the infertility thing for a few years and when that process didn’t yield us any children or answers about why not….we needed to move on and do something really positive. Let’s Adopt!!!!

And so it began. We started to ask ourselves all the obvious questions:

From Where?

Domestic or International?


Which country?


Why Kazakhstan?

I was drawn to this country from the beginning, the children are beautiful and
the landscape, with the mountains as a backdrop, is breath-taking