Sorry for the late update. We got home on Sunday afternoon. The trip home was 26 hrs. long and thankfully uneventful. Pete and I have been pretty jet-lagged, well me more than him. Itís now Thursday and todayís the first day Iíve felt back to normal. I got up at 6am vs. the 3:30 or 4:00 am of all the days earlier this week. I expected to feel tired, but I didnít count on dizzy and nauseous and the insatiable urge to yawn from 3-6 in the afternoon. (Well, that makes a little sense, because 3-6 pm EST was around our bedtime in Kaz., most days we didnít go to bed until 1-2 am Kaz Timezone). We havenít finalized our return trip yet. Iím trying to figure out if we should spread out our flight home over two days. If we do that, we need to get a visa for Jack for whichever country the layover happens in. The other options are to splurge and buy 3 seats or 2 seats in business class or 1st class seating for one of the legs of the trip, each leg is about 7 hrs. longÖI imagine Jack will be mighty antsy after an hour into the 1st flight, let alone 18-20 hrs. later.

It was pretty strange to just get back to normal and take a shower without having to hold the showerhead. It was also a really nice change to not have to fully concentrate while brushing your teeth. In Kazakhstan, you canít drink the water and when you brush your teeth you canít just rinse your toothbrush under the faucet. You need to use bottled water and pour some water into a glass and then you can drink from the bottle or the glass to rinse. I was amazed that we also were able to resist the urge to rinse the toothbrush or the glass under the faucet ...but thereís always the next trip back to Almaty.

Weíre both feeling lost between two worlds, not quite here and sadly weíre not there with him either. Here are some pictures of our last visit with him, weíve been holding out on you because we knew we had to space these out a bitÖ

...He's Back!!!