Getting so close…less than 48 hrs. and he’ll be home with me. Today, we spent some time with one of the caregivers to get the kids schedule and some ideas of what they can eat and when they are use to eating/sleeping. We were also told we need to wear masks in order to enter Ryan’s group room. In addition to now having to wear a mask, I was approached by the caregiver who wanted to wipe some ointment on my nose (as well as Ryan’s). The ointment I guess, prevents me inhaling germs. I kindly took a dab for myself and put it on my own nose…thank you so much!

Ryan had to have a shot today as a measure to keep his fever down. He seemed fine to me before the shot. You cannot argue with these people, or if you do…you simply become frustrated and it’s still going to happen anyway. They would not let me come into the group room where he was getting the shot because I did not have a mask. He was in there for 30 sec. and then they handed him back out to me crying. Not Nice! He had a nap after this….and even with the 30 min. snooze under his belt, he was falling asleep before his lunch.

In between his urges to yawn and suck his thumb (tired from the shot), we played with some blocks. Roscoe shot a terrific video of Ryan thoroughly enjoying knocking the blocks over. Check it out…you can really hear his giggle.

After we finished our visit and our meeting about the schedule, we went shopping for food and masks. When we all shop together, it is complete mayhem and takes about 15 times longer to get anything done. We did not get back to the apartment until 3:30 (we’re normally back here by 1:00). We were starving. We didn’t have time for lunch…we ate our way through the junk at the stores. We had ice creams, cookies, and free samples at the Eurasia mall.

A new take on the protective masks….coffee filters. I’m telling you people, where there’s a strong will, there’s a way. Darrell bought all of the masks at the chemist (pharmacy), just for coffee filters. While I don’t agree that coffee is more important than protecting society from illness, I do think protecting society from crankiness might be noteworthy. ;)

After we got back, I packed up the laptop and managed to swing a ride over to the Radisson. I spent a few hours over there. I decided to walk for my coffee instead of using a mask for a coffee filter. I’m not above it all, their cappuccino is awesome.

Here are some PICTURES of us today.