Today, we arrived at the baby home at our normal time donning our new masks (BTW, these don’t work well as coffee filters). We hurried the kids off down the hall to the playroom. We resumed our daily ritual of play with all the usual toys, balls, blocks, and cars. Cameras were flashing, videos were recording. We were having a blast…and then 5 minutes before the visit was supposed to end, a nurse came in and gave Ryan another shot. It was a big shot too…and this time, I was thrown under the bus. I was the one who had to pull aside his diaper and hold him still to receive the offending jab. He wailed for a few minutes, but ultimately, he recovered quickly.

In less than 12 hrs. from now, I will go to the baby home and we’ll have our final visit there. I am very happy to be finished with my time there…but on the other hand; I have a fondness in my heart for this baby home, this city, and of the country of Kazakhstan. At times, it’s frustrating to be there and not know what’s happening or why they have certain rules and often, inconsistencies. But this is where my 2 children started their lives and for the care, kindness, and love that they had from their caregivers, I will always be grateful. I am very anxious to get back home and looking forward to the reunion with the other half of my family.

I will have my final visit with Ryan and then he will have his lunch there and then we will head home. We are staying through lunch because we need to say some good-byes to people and have a little party. It’s likely that this farewell would interfere with their lunch schedule and it’ll be easier to give them lunch there and let them fall asleep on the way home. I like it; we’re starting off parenting with a nap. Nothing wrong with that!!!

I had another massage today…It was totally brutal and yet somehow relaxing. Carolyn & Darrell had the masseuse to their apartment again. It’s pretty cheap for a full hour (or slightly longer) full body massage…only $35.

We’ve cleaned and re-arranged the apartment to make it ready for the kids. We’re ready…well, as ready as we can be without some basics, like cribs and high-chairs…but we’ve got a plan. We’ll get to test it out very soon.

Here are some PICTURES of us today.