We went to the baby house at the normal time this morning and carried on with our visit like usual. After we played, we brought the kids back to their nursery room and let the caregivers feed them their last meal at the baby home. After they finished eating we had a very emotional good-bye with the caregivers. The caregiver that I liked the best and was always very caring with Ryan (the same one that I included a picture of yesterday) was kissing and hugging him good-bye and she just couldn’t get enough of him and I saw tears well up in her eyes and of course that brought tears to mine. She was really very sad and she asked Dina to have me give her copies of the pictures we took yesterday.

We also took some pictures with the doctors…(see the picture with all the ladies lined up in white coats). The doctors on either side of me were both Ryan’s Drs.; the Dr. on the far right with the black hair was Jack’s Dr.

We brought the kids to the apartment around 1:00pm. Ryan, amazingly, did not fall asleep on the way home. Sara did. When we got home, Ryan spent about 15-20 min. roaming the apartment…and then he fell asleep for an hour. After the nap, we decided to take a shopping excursion….his first ever. We put the kids in the baby carriers and went for a walk up Republica St.. We went about 6 blocks to get a battery charger…hopefully, this will help to get me back on the video circuit…the Flip ran out of juice…so we haven’t been able to record. Ryan seemed to love being out and about….he’s so easy going…he was down with the stroll.

I fed him some porridge for dinner…he ate a decent helping of that, but he still won’t drink anything…this guy is one tough customer on the bottled-beverage front. After dinner, I gave him a little bath. Amazing how one tub with some Johnson’s baby wash can clean a little one up. His hair is already softer. I didn’t get all the green stuff out yet (green medicine from the skin irritation), I didn’t want to get him too upset on his first tub with me. After this, he was just totally in snuggle-mode (even more than usual)…he was asleep by 7:30.

It feels like Christmas morning here…not Christmas like when you’re 40….Christmas when you’re 8. You know, you can’t go to sleep the night before and then you wake up really early with excitement…and then you get the most amazing gift that you were really hoping you’d get…and then all day long, you can’t stop looking at it with amazement. Happy Holidays!!!!

Here are some PICTURES of us today.