First night sleep with kids…well, I should say first night….minus the sleep. I crawled into bed at midnight (yes, I know, I know…should’ve gone to bed much earlier), and Ryan props his head up and just looked at me wide-eyed with wonderment. He was so excited to see me and didn’t seem to be at all disoriented with his new surroundings. The whole night pretty much went like that..we’d both doze off and then I’d realize he was staring at me or vice-versa. At 5am, I could tell by the way Ryan was awake and sucking his thumb that he was thirsty. I brought him out to the kitchen and poured 2-3 oz. of milk in a bottle, heated it for a few seconds and as quick as a can be, it was gone. We finally woke up for real at 8:00am. He ate a porridge/oatmeal thing with raspberries and he drank 2-3 more oz. I feel so much better knowing he will drink when he really needs it.

Ryan tried a few new foods today. He had some strawberry yogurt, hot raspberry cereal (porridge/oatmeal thing), a fig newton with cherry filling, and some carrot juice. Amazingly, he really liked the carrot juice. He actually liked all of those things.
We did lots of laundry today…between the sprayer from the shower getting out of hand and shooting water all the way out in the hall, diapers leaking through bedding, food encrusted on clothing and bibs…we’re keeping Tide in business.

I wanted a little chocolate fix when I went to the grocery store today…I saw Lindt candy there…jeepers creepers, it cost $28 a box….I’ll just wait until I get home see Uncle Steve…please let this honorable mention be noted as a request for 50% Cocoa or the Sea Salt…PLEASE Steve…I’ll be your best friend!

Well, it’s been a long day…heading off to bed in a few minutes…need to catch up on some rest. Ryan kind of kept to a schedule today, but Sara had a tougher time. Imagine the adjustment for these kids….everything they’re doing might be a first; first trip to a store, first ride in a stroller, first time seeing a river, riding in an elevator, seeing traffic. It’s a lot to absorb….I’m sure they’re on overload.

Here are some PICTURES of us today.