As you would imagine, we are either in eat or sleep mode…we are constantly in a quest for one of those things or the other. It also seems like we are doing dishes non-stop…oh yeah, we are…there’s like 6 plates with 5 people and no dishwasher…we are constantly washing.

It was a rough night last night…Ryan decided he needed to keep Sara on her toes. He started to howl at 1:30am and didn’t stop until after 3. Never really got to the bottom of what was bothering him. I changed him first…didn’t fix it, I tried feeding him several times…he didn’t want it, I can feel teeth coming in…decided he’s probably teething….gave him a little Motrin and he finished out the night fine. I spent the first 2 hrs. trying to just get him to sleep and trying to avoid standing up the whole time…but he won out…the 3rd hour, I spent awake wondering how we was handling the Motrin…. This dosage was his first.

We had to rush out in the rain to go back to the baby home to bid farewell to Dr. Alma, the Director. She wasn’t around on Saturday, when we said good-bye to everyone else. This was our big outing for the day, it took 2 hrs. of diligence to escape the apartment, and then we were only gone 1 hr. hardly seems worth it.

Got some great photos and videos for you today. Also, there are a few pics of Jack from Halloween back in Haverhill…miss him so much…I was happy to get these…

Here are some PICTURES of us today.