Ryan has discovered biting….nice!!! He has suddenly started exploring more things with his mouth…which is great…he was a delayed this. The whole time we were playing in the playroom, I always wondered why he wouldn’t put anything in his mouth…but he always seemed to have the instinct, because as he looked at things intently, he would open his mouth. He bit me twice today… he looks/acts like he is going to give me a kiss, but then…CHOMP! Ummmm…nyet, nyet.

Tonight was also my first difficult bedtime with him…I think he is totally use to (and no longer enamored with) falling asleep in my arms..and it’s lost its magic spell. I think the poor guy is both teething and having some serious gas pains. He wouldn’t go to sleep until 9:30.

It’s truly amazing to see how Ryan has changed since Sept. 18. (our first visit with him). This week alone, it seems like he’s developed an entire month. He’s walking along furniture a ton…I’ll be surprised if he’s not walking before I arrive back in Boston. The playroom use to be so busy with other families visiting that he was kind of just in his shell….but this week, where he’s taken center stage with Sara…he’s starting to really ham it up.

The inch worm….Ryan has a wicked power-slouch going on while eating. He slouchs way down; I have no idea how he can swallow when he gets like this…

I’m going to miss hanging out at the Radisson…Ryan will be disappointed to know that we don’t have an espresso or cappuccino machine in Haverhill. It may also distress him when he finds out we have no indoor pool like at the baby home…I think somehow we’ll make it up to him.

Here are some PICTURES of us today.