…that’s right possibly only 5 nights left….but not more than 7. We left today from Astana…and we’re now in Almaty. What a crazy day!! I woke up and packed….pretty low-key packing for me…waited around to go to the airport (seemed like forever)…and then when we got to the airport, it was a gigantic rush…we almost missed our flight. Ryan screamed for the first 40 minutes. Our mini-test-run for the long trip home is not encouraging…I’m now considering just living here in Almaty and you can all come and visit us.

It seems too surreal to be in a hotel room. The bed is softer than the pavement-firm bed I’ve been sleeping on for the last few weeks. What’s more, there is an actually fitted sheet on the bed…and get this, the sheets fit the bed. Also, I am looking forward to taking a shower tomorrow morning and not having to hold the shower head in my hand the whole time. I might even be able to brush my teeth without bottled/boiled water tomorrow…Pinch me.

I’m sorry, I don’t have any pics for you today…but I’ll try and wrangle something up for tomorrow.