We're leaving for the airport in 5 hrs. from now (midnight local time on 11/10). The flight leaves here at 2:30am and arrives in Frankfurt at 6:30am local time and then we hang out in Frankfurt for forever and a day. The flight for Boston leaves Frankfurt at 12:15pm local time and we land in Boston at 2:40pm on 11/10 (Tuesday).

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed...just me and Ryan for 25-26 hrs. Fortunately, E&R (and Sara too) will be with me through Frankfurt and we'll have some hang time there together. We'll part ways after 4 hrs. in Frankfurt and then Ryan and I will hang out for another 1.5 hrs. before boarding our flight to Boston.

Thanks for all of your support over the last few months...I can't wait to see you all and have you meet Ryan.

We'll be seeing you in all the familiar places very soon...(well, familiar to me anyway) :)

Here are some great PICTURES of us of days gone by.